Windows 7 Upgrade Family Pack Question

Ok Hi guys hope you cna assit.


3 Pcs two wiht XP Pro ( i have full copies with Install Disks and Keys)
Year old PC with Vista Home or somethign liek that- Preinstalled by manufacturer- no recovery disk but recovery partition.

Im looking to get the Windows 7 Famly upgrade pack, looking to get it pretty sharpish from what i have seen online every where there are limited copies........nice move MS ,

I don;t care about clean installs ive done enough of them in my time, so im not worried about that side of things,
My issue is will i be able to do it to the vista machine,

From what i have read so far if u have XP you are entiled to buy a "upgrade" version of the Windows 7 same goes for Vista., the XP machines will probably require clean installs, but not othered about that, and should it crash in the future and another clean install required no biggy stil got the XP cd's and keys, but what about the Vista machine, i suppose i may be able to use an upgrade feature, rather than a clean install but tbh i would prefer to wipe any existance of Vista from the damn machine...... :Di might be able to back up the "ghost" partition to reinstall vista and upgrade in the future if thats my only option?

Your thougths opinions are welcome.

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