Windows 7 upgrade from Vista: windows.old folder


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Hello all,

I just upgraded to W7 tonight and I have a question (surprise...).

I backed up all my files onto my other hard drives, and made a little list of all the programs i might need to istall because I wanted to to a clean install. To be honest, I don't remember which way I upgraded it, but I wish I had have seen this beforehand: :D

Anyways, whatever I did, the result was that all of my Vista programs and documents got shifted into this "windows.old" folder. I just want to know if I can delete that (knowing that I have already backed up my documents and settings and everything on a different hard drive, and have since migrated them back to the new windows 7 NOT in the windows.old folder, haha).

And if I can in fact delete this 50 GB folder.... I feel like there should be some special way of doing it, no? I mean, can I just right-click and select delete for an old OS? Or should I be using some special esoteric process that I just don't know about?



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Hey Drew,

Thanks for the quick reply. I took another detailed look through my old junk, and then followed those steps to delete everything. It all worked perfect.

Thanks again for the help!


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