Windows 7 upgrade install and Internet explorer stopped working


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I installed Windows 7 upgrade and all was working perfectly. Next day I turn my pc on and internet explorer has stopped working. HELP please


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Hi Rainbow,
do you mean that when you click on the blue 'E' or 'Internet Explorer' nothing happens? Try scanning for 'Spyware' and 'viruses', if that comes to naught then you could try rebuilding IE.
Open your control panel and click on 'Programs'. In the top category you should see something like 'Turn windows features on or off', click that and another box will appear and you'll see where you can uncheck the features you don't want. Uncheck IE, reboot, and then reverse the process and rebuild IE by checking it's box again. Hopefully by now you should be sorted again..

Hi Rainbow and any others,
I have a somewhat similar problem. I got my Medion netbook with Windows 7 Start pack last week and all worked well.

Yesterday, I upgraded to Windows 7 Premium from CD disk. Installed okay and all worked well. Then I tried to access internet and could not.

I checked tthe wireless indicater, it was enabled and lit up. I then tried to turn it off the wireless. I could not do this. It is permanently stuck on 'enabled' and lit up all the time but everything I try tells me I cannot get an internet connection.

I use a router and the ISP signal mast is only a hundred yards from my computer, but my computer does not show the available Internet connection. My other computer is also connected through this router I am using and it is working fine as usual.

What I can say is when I upgraded to Windows 7 Premium I did not turn off my wireless connection prior to the Windows upgrade!! Should I have turned it off?

Can anyone set me straight as to what might have happened? Or how can I uninstall the Windows 7 upgrade?


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You might need to install the 'network drivers'.. When you open 'Device manager' are there any yellow marks where a device should be?

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