windows 7 & usb drive

Hello folks!
I am using the windows 7 usb dvd tool to attempt my next install from my flash drive
The problem is when I guide the tool to my windows 7 ISO image it claims the ISO is invalid
How can I put my 7 on a flash drive?


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Hi and welcome to the forum.. (XRAYSPEX ... I remember a band years ago called that front by a woman called 'Poly Styrene'.. That's not you is it lol?)
Ahem, back to your issue. This link, especially method 6, will help.

Boot From A USB Flash/Pen/Key Drive

This is another link that might help:

Burn a CD to a Thumbdrive |

That is not the first time someone has sais that. Thank you for the welcome! I will try that solution and report back.......

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