Windows 7 user account help

Hi i just bought windows home premium for my family i made three user accounts on my computer one for my self and two for my sons. I am pretty good with computers but because windows 7 is a little different i need some help.
Lets get to my Question.

I want to make my kids accounts: be administrators so they can install stuff and do stuff with out always having to ask me.( pulse so they don't bother me)
The Only thing i want to do is limit them so they can change other accounts on the computer like Delete mine or change there brothers password. Also i want them to be able to install stuff but not un-install stuff or make it so they can un-install some programs but some that i install like "Parent control" software or "anti virus" programs they can't.
Can anyone help me?

With xp i use to know how to go into the administrator tools and click on admin accounts i made for my sons and check or uncheck permisions on stuff they could do.

Thanks if you can help me it will be very appreciated.


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