Windows 7 Video Card Recommendations

I see Frys has PNY 9500GT 1GB PCI Express on sle, need something for my wife's computer she has AMD AM2 CPU dual channel and plays Farm Town. She needs a fasted response time. Best Buy offers PNY GT220 also 1GB. Any recommendations.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

Video Cards

Before buying and installing any video card to be used with Windows 7, do your homework. Make sure the card has drivers for Windows 7 and supports all features. You can find all this out by going to the video card maker site and checking out drivers and support. Beware, if the site states they are working on drivers mainly because it could be months before they actually create a driver.

I actually do not understand the lack of drivers because MS released the codes over 4 months ago to vendors but I do understand vendors not creating drivers for hardware that is over a certain age.

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