Windows 7 windows 7 virtualization

adding this post for anyone who might have missed the original thread and can help
had 2 problems when trying to install windows XP vertual machine on windows 7 ultimate 64:

Problem 1 – the “user does not have access rightsâ€Â￾ was solved after uninstalling both the virtual machine and the related windows update, then reinstalling.

Problem 2 – after installing both and restarting I run the XP mode for the first time (start/windows virtual pc/ windows XP mode). The “first useâ€Â￾ wizard comes up. I confirm the user agreement, set a password for the user and initiate the setup as requested.

After about 20 seconds into the setup the computer either freezes completely or I get the infamous blue screen with the following message: “a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time intervalâ€Â￾

How disappointing… I thought we left the blue screen behind with Windows 98…

If anyone has suggestions I’ll appreciate it. I am lost for ideas.

Technical info:
Using Dell Inspiron 1526
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 (legal version of course!)

Passed all the Microsoft virtualization compatibility tests, both hardware and software.


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