windows 7 vpn connects sometimes, but nothing works


I am trying to set up a vpn from my home computer to my laptop so I can access my network drives when I'm on the go. I am able to access my remote desktop using a dynamic dns hostname, but cannot access the vpn using the same hostname. I have to use my external ip, and port 1723 is forwarded on my tplink router. I have all the firmware updated on the router, using win7 64 bit with all updates installed. I have created the vpn connections (in and out) with the wizzard. I have also disabled the windows logon option for the incoming connection. I have searched online but all steps have not resolved the issue and, as usual, the windows network troubleshooter is useless.

If I connect with my external ip, give the vpn the correct destination name, and the credentials for connecting, I can connect, but nothing works. I have 3 hard drives mapped when I am on my lan and they just say "file system ntfs" when I try to connect from outside the lan. Furthermore, the wireless connection that I use to connect to the internet outside of the lan is disabled when I connect with the windows 7 vpn. In order to get back online I have to disconnect from the vpn, which right now is fine as it doesn't really do anything despite the fact that it says it's connected. Is there a way to fix these two problems?

One last problem. When I type in my dynamic dns hostname (which the router recognizes in it's config page) into the vpn address box, type all credentials correctly and press Connect, I get the "error 868 the server name did not resolve" message. I can use this same dyndns host to connect with windows rdp, but I want to be able to access audio and files from outside the lan without RDP (audio is compressed).

So to recap, issues are:

1. can only use external ip to connect to win7 vpn; nothing happens after connection is established and internet is disconnected from original wireless accesspoint.

2. I cannot connect with dynamic dns hostname despite having a dyndns update client and a static internal non-dhcp ip. I cannot see drives accept for their designations on the network but cannot access them.

I hope that made sense? So, if anyone has any ideas as to these problems, I would love to hear from you. thank you, dave

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