windows 7 Wifi with WEP shared key having problem


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I have windows 7, I am trying to configure the WIFI, I have wifi connection which having WEP with sahred key authentication, that option I not found in windows 7 Please guide for the same.

I have manually create a new profile and choose shared security option and WEP and I enter the my security key but I was not able to connect with wifi Please guide for the same.


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Does the second part of your question mean that you have solved the first part?

Does your pc detect any wireless networks but not connect to them or can it just not see any?


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pc able to detect the wireless connection, but for required option for WEP shared key not shown there in new account creation of setup.

I reuired just like secuirty-- WEP 40/28-bit key

key -- (passwd) which we mentioned in router
Authentication --shared key

this option required to connect laptop with my wifi.
this is option not found there in manually creation of wifi connection, please guide for the same.