Windows 7 will not complete installation!

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installs fine at first, but after reboot when it goes through the finalization stage, it suddenly restarts, and says the ''Windows did not install properly, please reinstall''.

I've tried switching from DVI to VGA cable like discussed on forums and it didn't work. I tried installing Windows Vista but it did the same thing. I'm installing on an IDE hard drive.

My computer is fully x64 compatible I've been running XP x64 for about 4 years. I need Vista or 7 because there are no stereo drivers for my 3D monitor for 64 bit XP.
Could it be that I'm installing on an IDE drive instead of SATA?

Please help.

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I tried both custom and upgrade installs but it still didn't work. It's a burnt DVD but that shouldn't matter because its the official version and the disc has no errors. When I scan for errors after "installation" it can't find any.

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Other things that might need attention, how old is the hard drive and how big is the partition you are installing on?

Do you have any devices you can remove or unplug or disable?

Just for the heck of it, try removing the DVD before it gets to the problem area.

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