Windows 7 will not let me log in

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T500

My issue is that I am left at the "Windows 7 Professional" logon screen - I have the "Ease of access" icon in the lower left hand of the window, and the red Shut Down button in the lower right - I can move my mouse all around, but when I click on anything nothing happens.

There is NO log in text box in the center of the screen - just the logon screen background image.

This issue happens randomly from a cold boot, but it also happens after the laptop has been on a while - if the screen saver kicks in and you move the mouse or press a key to get out of the screen saver, you are at the logon screen - but there is nothing to log in to - no field, no "Switch user" button - just the Logon screen background.

No combination of key sequences cause the computer to do anything.

I am experiencing this with the laptop IN the docking station and OUT OF the docking station.
I am experiencing this while using supplemental keyboard and mouse, and while NOT using them.

I can connect to the hard drive of this laptop, and I can RDP to this laptop - but when I log out of the RDP session and go to the laptop, there is still no place to log into the laptop.

The only fix is to power down the laptop by holding in the power on button, then turn the laptop back on. This will "usually" get me back to a logon prompt - but then it is only a question of time before it happens again.

I have now re-installed Windows 7 two times on this laptop. The problem continues to happen randomly.

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