Windows 7 will not load my system after I type my password. It just says Welcome and won't log me in

I'm using windows 7 home prem 64bit. This problem just happened today. I sign on with my password and the system says welcome, but won't actually login. It just hangs there. I used Avast to do a complete scan, but it didn't come up with anything. I used MS security essential it found a bunch of Java exploits and trojan downloader and I deleted them. But the problem is still there. Any advice?



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Download and install the free Malwarebytes'. Update the virus definitions and run in safe mode.

I installed and updated malwarebytes, but it didn't find anything. It still hangs there after windows login.


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Can you get into Safe mode and run sfc /scannow?
Have you made a repair disc** ? Run Startup repair 3 times.

**If not, you can find .iso downloads on T'Interweb and burn to disc on another PC.

Yes I can get in safe mode that's where I ran malwarebytes. I ran sfc but it didn't do anything. Don't have a repair disk, I don't have a DVD drive so I might have to take it from another pc but I'm not sure if it will run under safe mode. Can I use a flash drive to create a repair disk?


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Yes you can. Most of the tutorials on the web tell you about that now.

Which is a problem to a dinosaur like me who doesn't possess a flash drive!!

If you can change the bios to boot from the usb/cd/dvd. The repair disc should start up before the system begins (after hitting a key) so no need for safe mode. then take it from there.

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Looks like the repair disk did the trick. Still not really sure what was the problem. But thanks for your help Elmer.


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Still not really sure what was the problem.
You're not alone!! :D (Probably when you removed the trojan and exploits the files they were affecting were "damaged".)

But thanks for your help Elmer.
No problem. Glad you got it sorted. Bonus being you now have a repair disk/stick/flash drive.


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