Windows 7 will not see hard drive in My Computer

I have a dual boot system with windows 7 and xp on one sata hard drive, and a 500 sata hard drive for storage. Initially, i was not able to see my 500gb drive on either os.

I ran Partition Master recovery while in xp, and it got stuck about 2/3 through the intelligent searching part, but allowed the drive to show up in my computer, and everything was normal. I then boot into windows 7, and nothing shows up. Partition Master got stuck at the same spot, and still nothing. If I go back to XP, everything is fine again.

In disk management it shows the drive as 100% free space, but with no drive letter, as well as no file system. Does anybody have any ideas?

try assigning a letter to the drive in disk management.

Click on start button.
Then right click on Computer and select Manage.
Then select Disk Management.
Right click on the drive in question and select Change drive letter and paths.
Then add the letter of your choice
That should solve your problem.



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If right clicking on the partition/drive in disk management will not allow adding a letter, it might be hidden. If Partition Master will allow you to unhide partitions, try that. If it doesn't download the bootable Partition Wizard and us it.

Of course, if you had formatted it in Linux, it might show oddly.

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