Windows 7 will not start up

Help! My Windows 7 computer will not start up.

I have an HP HDX 18T laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate. It was working fine until this morning when the log in screen froze after the computer woke up from standby. I held the power button down until the computer restarted.

The startup process was REALLY slow. Finally, the log in screen came up. I typed in my password, but everything froze after that.

After another hard reset, I tried running Startup Repair. The blue wallpaper background came up, but no window with any options. Everything froze.

After several more hard resets, I've tried Safe Mode, Last Good Configuration and Low Res Mode. They all failed as well. Safe Mode was REALLY slow, but finally made it as far as showing a black desktop with nothing on it and no taskbar.

If I leave the frozen screens long enough, eventually BSOD will come up, but doesn't stay up long enough for me to write the codes down before auto-restarting.

I have no additional hardware plugged in to the laptop at the moment except for a USB cooling pad.

I think I have a recovery disk, but I won't be home to get it until tomorrow.

This is my only computer and I need it for work. Right now, I'm using my cousin's MacBook to submit this forum post. Does anyone have any ideas?


Rebuild it.


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If you use the F8 key, you should be able to disable auto reboot.

Does it do the same thing when plugged in or not?

Tried taking the battery out after a complete shutdown?

I was able to get into safe mode, but it had to create a new user profile to do so. It said it couldn't find my current profile. In Safe Mode, I opened the Event Viewer and saw one error that kept repeating over and over - was Event ID 7001: Service Control Manger. The message says, "The Network List Service service depends on the Network Location Awareness service which failed to start because of the following error: The dependency service or group failed to start." I had turned my WiFi off a couple days ago because I wasn't around a place where I could connect. I'm not sure if that had something to do with that particular error.

I also found the BSOD error that was logged. The BCCode was 1000007e; BCP1: FFFFFFFC0000006; BCP2: FFFF80002EB4F6B; BCP3: FFFFF88008B137E8; BCP4: FFFFF88008B1340

I did take the battery out and put it back in, but that didn't seem to help with anything. I'll try starting it up without the power cord plugged in to see what that does.


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Try starting it without the battery, just plugged into AC. My laptop battery started causing strange problems including overheating.

I would also consider a clean (Custom) install. You might have picked up a virus or other nasty that is affecting this. If your data is backed up, install from a DVD and format the HD. If you don not have an installation disk you can download the iso file directly from Digital River and burn to DVD, then install from it using your original Win 7 key.

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Thanks for the replies. I decided to go ahead and do a clean install of Windows 7. However, I was unable to perform a successful install without first reformatting the hard disk using the custom options in the Windows 7 installation DVD. I first tried letting the installation archive all my old files (like I did when I upgraded from Vista), but the Windows installation kept running into some kind of error toward the end of the process preventing the installation from finishing. Reformatting that partition on my hard disk seemed to resolve the issue, and give a successful installation.

I'm running on a fresh system now, so everything seems to be working smoothly. It took me most of the day to reinstall my drivers and download all the Windows Updates. Now I'm in the process of reinstalling all my software.

Thanks again for the suggestions.


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Hi, I had a legal version of Windows 7 home basic. Two days ago it refused to start, it did not start telling that the computer cannot be started. i wanted to restore the system automatically , but it did not work. so i installed another version of Windows Ultimate ( illegal version), my computer started but it had not any drivers. so i brought it to a service centre in my homecity. he could not istall windows and thus deleted my recovery hard disks. The result was nothing. I brouht it to another one, who told me that he would do his best. It was 3 hours ago when I wanted to take my laptop back, and realized that it is not working properly. He installed Windows 7 Ultimate ( illegal) with all the required drivers. It did not work good. I left it and he told me that he would install another version of Windows. So my question is: What do I have to do? Can I restore my old version (licensed one) ?? Im really pissed off at the specialist who missed up my laptop.


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Never use an illegal copy! t will not activate correctly. Unfortunately the iso file is not available for Home Basic. You can get Home Premium, but your legitimate key will not activate it. You might want to consider the Anytime Upgrade option to get into a legitimate copy of Home Premium.


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But you know i already installed Windows Ultimate (illegal copy). So what to do next? I cannot really restore the old version, right?

Farik: Sorry to say it, but you're going to have to order the recovery disks from your computer manufacturer. Next time, you need to first try a Factory Image Restore from the Advanced Boot Options Menu > "Repair My Computer". There's nothing you can do at this point if you do not have the recovery disks and you let someone delete the recovery partition off of the C: drive. Worst case (your OEM does not have the recovery media for your laptop anymore), you'll be having to buy a "System Builder" Windows 7 Home Premium for $99.

Akm79: you might very well be experiencing the same problem that I am presently, with a failing main drive. I have performed TWO Factory Image Restores in the last three days and the system keeps crashing and locking up on me, returning PXE "Operating System Not Found" errors when it tries to instead boot to network (can't find the HDD and it disappears from BIOS). It's also making snap-tick/sweep-tick noises even with the OS in idle. And like you, "Startup Repair" refused to work and hung there. If any of that sounds familiar to what's happening to your system you need to keep a close watch on the Event Viewer and look for anything warning you about Event ID 51 and 57, as well as iOStar. These are all related to the main system drive and when they fail, they can also present with freezes, crashes, corruption, BSOD, POST and other nasty errors.

Reformatting (i.e. Factory Image Restore/Clean Install etc.) is only a temporary fix before the drive corrupts the OS installation and the drive completely craps out on you. Sorry to say... especially with prices sky-high as they are for mechanical drives (SSD's are even more ridiculously priced).

Then again, it could also be a system board (Mobo) issue with the SCSI controller/IDE 0 port. The only way to test that is if you installed a new HDD and wait: if it's the HDD the problem will go away. If it is the Mobo, the problem will persist. In the case of the Mobo a cheap but less than ideal fix would be utilizing an external HDD over a USB connection and booting the OS from there instead (providing your BIOS can boot to a USB device, most newer ones can).

What if I just install the illegal version till I have the recovery CD`s or the legal version of Windows? Is it gonna work though? what else options do i have, because I cannot afford the new Windows right now(((

I would strongly discourage the use of an illegal OS/key. It could stop working at any point and refuse to let you back into the system at all. It's just not recommended, and is risky because it IS illegal. MS could press charges against you... and yes, they DO routinely check to make sure your Windows is legal and licensed properly (especially for their most recent OS). If you think you can't afford $99, just wait until they slap you with a $200,000+ fine, apart from the thousands of dollars in legal and court fees!

And the recovery media from your OEM should not cost more than $19 + tax + S&H (I just had to order recovery media from Acer because my HDD is failing and they don't ship with the disks but a recovery partition. The recovery disks were about $21.50, Acer waved the S&H - very reasonable. And they are already here in my State, two days after purchase).

thanks, but let me mention that i am not from the US and purchased my laptop in Russia. I am in Central Asia right now. I would better send an email to my manufacturer to send me the recovery, right? Hmm, but I don`t know it will take like a month or something to obtain that disk, if they will send me though. Thanks anyways, i am not sure what to do for the next step. im just ....

It shouldn't matter where you are or what country you're from. They'll send the recovery media. As to what to do in the meantime, I can't help you there. That's your decision.

I had such a situation two months ago, but canceled the graphics, everything is normal.

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