Windows 7 windows explorer crashes when opening a folder


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Windows upgrade from Vista. Upgrade worked fine until recently(possibly after an automatic update) Problem is when I try to open a folder I get a message that: Windows has stopped working. Gives me the option to search for a solution and restart or just restart. Details on this are listed<>Event name:APPCRASH
Application name: EXPLORER.EXE
Application Version6.1.7600.16450
Fault Module frame:EXPLORERFRAME.dll
This problem seems to be increasing. I have Norton security provided by Comcast. Ran all scans numerious times. Have Registry utilities pro by Avanquest, ran that several times.
Did not help
I am getting frustrated with this problem. Anyone know what to do?


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Have you done any modifications to ExplorerFrame.dll, such as skinning with 3rd party applications etc. ?

Have you tried logging in with a different user account, do the crashes occur as often?


High level of hard disk fragmentation sometimes causes windows explorer crash. Defragment your disk.


Suggestions (a list of what to try):

1. Take good hard look at what software you have installed, a good chance some software is causing the error.

2. Perform a clean boot:

Start -> msconfig -> general tab -> selective startup -> clear the load startup items

Start -> msconfig -> general tab -> services tab -> hide all Microsoft services -> then Disable all


3. Start -> gpedit.msc -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Internet Communication Management -> click Internet Communication settings -> Turn off Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program -> Enable -> Apply -> Ok.

4. Start -> cmd -> reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting" /v CorporateWERServer /t REG_SZ /d "NoServer"

5. Start -> Regedit:


delete all string key except the default inside "Disabled Sessions"

6. C:\Windows\explorer.exe -> copy to -> C:\Windows\system32

7. Replace EXPLORERFRAME.dll with the one from 7 installation dvd (if available).


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Cybercore does have some good options that I intend to try. I'm not so sure as to blame Norton Security. Comcast changed from McAffe to Norton a few moths ago. I installed Norton on 2 XP computers and I have not had the same problems with them except that they are both Dells and are slow as sh**. Could there be an issue with Win 7?


Absolutely not an issue with Windows 7. I see Norton causing problems all over the place still to this day, so that's why I say it could be that. Also, since it's an antivirus, it is in the best position to do so.