Windows 7 Windows update doesn't work if connecting to wireless adapter


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Hi Folks,

I am using Win7 Home found that neither the Windows update nor I can connect to Microsoft Update update website if I connect my laptop to internet via my LINKSYS Wireless-G adapter. However, I do have internet connection, and can connect to many other website except Microsoft Windows Update or

I tried to bypass the wireless adpater but directly connect my laptop to the Internet modem provided by the ISP by using the ethernet cable, then I can connect to windows and microsoft update. Looks like something is going wrong with the wireless adapter.

Any advice, please?



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Are the DNS servers on the router configured properly? If you know how to access the configuration, you might want to try any combination of these DNS servers: (Google DNS) (Unicast DNS) (OpenDNS) (OpenDNS)


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Another not so common issue with Wireless networks can be the MTU setting of your router, try logging into your wireless routers configuration webpage and lowering the MTU value by about 20-100, what happens here (seems to affect DSL more) is that the maximum packet size to be sent over the wire (or wireless) varies and some information can be delayed or lost... and I'm pretty sure wireless connections add extra info to each packet header.. anyways give it a shot, might fix your issue :)

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