Windows 7 + Windows XP

Hi i recently installed windows 7 on one partition and windows xp on another partition dual booting them the only problem i seem to be getting is this:

Bootmgr is missing ctrl +del etc to restart :<

Im familiar with this being a vista problem but i dont have vista installed the thing is with the windows xp cd in the cd rom drive it boots just fine.

Anybody can help?

Much appreciation

Try running the Win 7 repair from the Win 7 disk.

Try boot into the win7 install disk, goto repair, then select cmd prompt insert the following.

bootsect /nt60 SYS /MBR
If that one does not work try the following

bootsect /nt60 ALL /MBR
Also to get back bootmenu back try this.

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Thanks for your help i have discovered the problem ran deeper than this and it was merly trouble with the Harddrives being set to primary secondary etc. Any way for the time being going back to xp till i get a new wifi card as netgear is so bad!

I like Linksys myself. They aren't without some nuances, but they are better than the others.

Ive purchased a TP-Link 300mbs wireless usb adaptor and got that working perfectly on windows 7 and everything is running fine with the dual boot of xp and windows 7! Problems solved =P

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