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The wireless icon next to the clock is displaying the wrong icon. I am connected to my home network, yet the icon no longer changes from the bars with the orange circle to the white bars. Sometimes when I connect to other networks, the icon changes but never on my home network any more. It used to work fine, but now it displays the wrong icon. I've run the troubleshooter to find errors, but the troubleshooter finds no errors and my network and internet access work just fine. This is only a minor, cosmetic annoyance, but it drives me crazy!


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King George,

Can you please post a screenshot of the problem? You can do this by hitting print screen and then pasting it into Microsoft Paint, if this is the only tool you have. You can save it as a JPG file on your Desktop and upload it as an attachment here.

here it is:
1.JPG \

Edit: It may also be worth noting that my router does not support Ipv6, which under my connections menu it reported as no connectivity; this may have something to do with this?

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If you right click the icon, do you have an option of connecting to different networks?


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Clearing the network may work. Click the icon>>Open network and Sharing Center>>Manage Wireless Networks (left hand pane). Here, select your home network and delete it.
Now go and reconnect to the network, Windows will put all the settings back in that cache.


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I believe Mitchell_A is right on this one. You may also want to check for updates drivers for your wireless card. Here is another idea: disable IPv6 in TCP/IP settings:

Search -> View Network Connections
Identify the WiFi adapter/NIC
Double-click on it and go to Properties
Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

This could be:

An old driver problem
A problem with IPv6
A registry problem which may require clearing the networks.

Under Network and Sharing Center you should only have one active network when under WiFi.

Did any of these recommendations solve your issue?

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