Windows 7 Won't Automatically Boot From Disk

I just got an SSD, and immediately installed W7 on it. Got it all updated, backed up my other drive, and formatted the old one so it wouldn't be a boot disk. However, now Windows won't automatically boot from the SSD. I can hit the boot menu at startup and select the drive manually, but it does not show up in the arrangeable list of drives to automatically boot from. How do I make Windows automatically boot from the SSD?

Windows 7 is fully installed and updated on it; it works fine when I automatically select it, but Windows refuses to notice it unless I tell it that it is there.


You may check if the BIOS settings are correct.
AHCI have to be enabled and the boot order should be reordered.
Maybe you have to enable the SSD in the boot section.

Edit: Why XP Mode? I am little bit confused :D

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