Window's 7 won't boot from DVD

Hey all,

I've just finished building my new computer, using my old hardrive running windows vista.

As an Engineering student, my University gave me a free copy of windows 7 which I had downloaded. I have burned the .iso to a disk.

On insertion of the disk it automatically boots vista, If I tell it to boot from CD/DVD is pauses for a few moments and then continues with the boot up of Vista.

I'm running Vista x32 at the moment so I can't install windows 7 x64 on top so I need to do a clean install. I'm using a ps/2 keyboard so the USB keyboard not reacting in BIOS isn't an issue.

Anyone have an idea? Thanks.


Noob Whisperer
I suppose that it's possible that during the brief pause you are observing, that you may not be seeing the "Press any Key to boot from CD/DVD" prompt that you should be seeing, so try hitting the enter key during this period and see if it will go ahead and boot from the install media. If not consider reburning the ISO (use ImgBurn) and set it to the lowest speed for the burn process and see if that helps.

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