Windows 7 wont boot (x64)

My computer occasionally bluescreens with nvlddmkm.sys (nvidia graphics driver) when I boot on windows 7, but this time it somehow corrupted the hard drive, and it wouldn't boot. Even when I tried to boot on XP it would bluescreen with NTFS.sys as soon as the login screen should appear (never had BSOD on xp before). I plugged the corrupted HDD into a computer running vista, and it did a disk scan, which deleted the corrupted files.

Now when i try to boot on windows 7, i see the black screen with the glowing logo, and then when it goes to the "please wait" screen, it is just the background, with no words. the screen also flashes black every 5 seconds. I have tried system repair, but it does nothing. I have also tried booting in safe mode, but it scrolls through all of the drivers, and gets to the bottom of the list and then stops doing anything. I have a bootable DVD, and when i first pressed repair it told me there was a problem with the startup options and i needed to restart to finish the repair. after a reboot, there was no difference and it was still just getting to the "please wait" screen. I go back to the repair screen, but it is no different from when I press f8 and do a system repair, which says it couldn't find an error.

How can I fix this???



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Hi nutty,
you could try pressing F8 when booting and then choosing 'Last known config'...
Re-install using the upgrade method which means you'll keep your files and folders intact.
Lastly, a clean install.

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