Windows 7 won't boot


I've just ran into a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop.
It froze when i was using it, and i was forced to force it to shut down. Now i can't boot into Windows anymore.
I've tried starting the recovery, but it just got stuck there too. Even The safe mode does not work.
It hangs when it's loading the avgidseh.sys driver, but when searching for this it seemed that this is not avg related.
Any suggestions on how i can fix this? The most important thing is to have my files back, but i don't want to buy a case for the HDD and reformat if there could be another solution...
I've also ran a memory scan and it reported no errors, then booted into recovery mode which then hang again.
Currently i'm leaving it trying to start up the whole night, but it's already taking 30 minutes at startup animation...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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From what I've found AVG is probably the the problem.

I've found people who said they could not recover their hard drive after having this problem without formatting it, since it would not allow them any access to the recovery console and blocked repair processes.

People who did get in reported that disabling avgidseh.sys restored their computer to normal.

Several people suggested making a Ubuntu disk to get access to their hard drive so they could back up the data.

But this doesn't seem to be an easy problem to fix.

Letting it sit over night might work some people did find that it booted eventually.

Once you get it fixed I'd suggest dropping AVG and using Microsoft Security Essentials.

As for a fix it may be necessary to use Ubuntu to copy all you stuff to another drive and then reinstall Windows from a Widows install disk.

Download | Ubuntu

If you don't have a Windows disk you can download the ISO for it from Digital River.

Download Retail Windows 7 ISO from Official Website | Windows7hacker

If you can get it into recovery console try and use Restore to get back to when it would boot or run Check Disk.



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We had one poster that stated running a Chkdsk got his boot working again. If this procedure does help, it does not mean whatever caused the problem in the first place will not cause it again.


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You state that it is stopping at avgidseh.sys, so can I assume you do have a way of seeing the contents of your HD? If at all, disabling/uninstalling AVG would, of course, solve the problem. As I understand it, it has come about due to an AVG update. (See Mike's post!)
I would suggest this might help you out:
AVG Forums - How To Disable AVG When The Operating System Cannot Be Started Properly


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You could do the above with the Ubuntu disk as well.

Thanks for the responses! I just came home and found my PC booted into windows! So it did eventually start. I'm going to delete AVG later, and hope that this problem is solved! I'll keep you updated!


OK AVG removed, installed MSE, was planning to do that for a while anyway! Thanks for the help but it seems that this problem is solved now!

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