Windows Vista Windows 7 wont install...bum!!


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May 10, 2009
Hi! thanks so much for reading this! So, today I decided I would download the windows 7 RC and try it out!! disabled firewall, anti virus etc, made sure their was enough space and stuff! and installed my disc, everything went fine up until it was on the final part of the install at 72% (soooooo close!!!!) then i got the blue error screen saying an unexpected error had occured, then it restarted went to the proper pretty windows 7 load screen and i get an message box saying: "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered and unexpected error. Windows installation can not proceed, click OK to restart the computer then restart the installation." but everythime it restarts I get the same error box. sucks!!!!! so we just keep restarting..

Tried to get vista back (home basic, don';t judge it was cheap) but that's sodded off 2! i can't find my restore points and my backup disc isn't working either!! I have the windows vista disc but it seems kinda useless. I tried everything I could before posting on here! hate not figuring it out myself, but i'm proper stuck!! any help u can give would result in my eternal appreciation and possibly a hug!!


So I gather you did an upgrade and NOT a clean install? If so, then I'd suggest you reinstall but this time do a clean install.. Upgrading isn't the recommended way to install an RC.. :)

So, insert your Win 7 RC dvd and boot off of it, then when you get to the HDD selection screen go to ADVANCED and then format the partition you wish to install Win 7 to then install 7 to the newly formatted partition and you should be good to go..

Just make sure you do a backup of all your personal files PRIOR to the installation.. ;) Also, download any drivers you may need prior to installing, just in case.. (I'm referring to the CHIPSET driver and ETHERNET driver)

Also if you could list your computer specs that would be helpful.. ;)

Hi! thanks so much for your reply! I fiddled about with it prior to reading your message and seemed to of got it working!! hurrah! I think I realised upgrading was not the way to go. Thanks for your help anyway!!! Windows 7 looks kinda cool!!!

Glad to hear you got it fixed! :) No problem, Sorry I couldn't help more.. ;) I hope you enjoy Windows 7 and see it for the true gem that it is.. :)

yesterday i have a problem burning the iso image but after i redownload using the direct link, it works great and fast.

anyone knows why my taskbar is blinking? its not frequent.