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    I have a Tosh satellite L505D-ES025 that I purchased in May 2010.The hard drive ("HD") failed in June 2012. In checking the Toshiba forum for this model.I have noticed a number of owners have the similar problem with HD failures . Toshiba wants $250 for a replacment drive. I have installed a Western Digital HD Blue 500G, which is win 7 compatible. Toshiba recovery disk would not install and If it did, it would eliminate all the critical drivers, among them installing a display driver that causes the system to freeze. I took the tosshiba hd from my other toshiba notebook and it installed everthing to factory. I decided not to use toshiba's recovery disk because I believe it is doing things beyond restoring windows and is selective towards using Toshiba Drives that fail in less than two years.
    I have downloaded and tried Windows 7 Iso. I could not read the product key on my notebook, and I tried getting it from Toshiba many times without success. I also have an HP notebook and I "borrowed the product key, to see how windows retail version worked. This allowed me to use windows 7 for almost 30 days. On install, windows did not have the modem and camera, and Fn function flash card drivers, which are Toshiba proprietary drivers. I downloaded those drivers from Toshiba's website. A few days ago, I encountered problems. All my windows services started locking down and I cound not enter any of the safe modes. I tried startup repair (with the win 7 cd) but had no luck. Also tried system restore, without any luck. I tried reinstalling windows, using a product key that microsoft support gave me. The reinstall would not installl my HD sound driver or usb controller. My usb drives can power devices, but not read them. In addition I can no longer install the drivers I downloaded from Tohibas website, which includes the modem, camera, and usb card reader
    This HD was under 30 days old, so I returned it for another WD HD. I reinstalled win 7 and amazingly microsoft remove the 30 activation to 3 days, Where is Microsoft info store? This is a brand new drive! I haven't even configuered my lan or internet!
    I believe the product key I misused from my HP notebook has caused microsoft to "black list"my notebook.
    What can I do to get windows to load the drivers and allow the toshiba drivers to be installed as they were on my initial install from the win 7 iso cd? I have paid for the use of windows, Both Microsoft andToshiba seem to be Forgetting this

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