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Windows 7 Windows 7 wont install Forceware 185.20 drivers?


New Member
Feb 1, 2009
I downloaded the 64 bit forceware 185.50 driver from the pinned thread above, everythings fine and i run the installation using compatibility mode...

i restart my computer and check device manager, when i look at my graphics card properties under display adapters, the driver tab still says the driver is version from 12/26/2008

i tried installing the new driver about 3 times now, and everytime it keeps saying that. am i looking in the right place? how do i know if the driver is updated? anyone else having these same problems?

oh and when i try and run left 4 dead, the frame rates are terrible and i never have had problems with it before..
That is 185.20
That's how they do naming.

Anyways, they might have changed something in the new version of the driver that has caused a negative effect on that game. Try another game and see if it's better.

Either that, or roll back to a previous driver.
well boy do i feel stupid, i knew i could have been reading it wrong...

yeah ill try some other games but...i think it may be the driver
the latest whql from nvidia under compat mode worked fine for me

give those a shot but if ur running sli go with 185.20 as ive found from some research and testing those only work in sli but even then for me ive found that they are bugy and giv me bsod at totaly random times with nvd(with some more letters).dll showing up in the bsod