windows 7 wont load

[h=2]windows 7 wont boot from cd[/h], [h=2]my operating system wont load[/h], [h=2]computer wont load windows 7[/h], [h=3]computer doesnt start the operating system[/h], [h=3]computer wont boot any other os[/h],it show launch repair,if we started the repair and after the completion same problem again..i am bored please any one tell me solution for it

Please give some more info about the machine, components, age, make, specs... & where did the disc come from that is being used.

some of what you said, right now, is not making sense (to me)

How can it start the OS if you can't load/install the OS, in the 1st place?
"Won't boot any other OS" What other OSs are in it beside the 7 you say it would take?

I'm thinking a few things but, reserve comment 'til you get back to me. Thanks.



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Sounds like a disk problem / partition problem. A bit messy, like Drew points out.

Hi this is my first post :p I've had similar problems in the past and its either bin a damaged hard drive or files have been corrupt which is preventing Windows to start :S In all honestly though I think the hard drive may be damaged .. one of my old laptops let me run start up repair but would load Windows it would just hang on loading screen. Also check that your hard drive is firmly attached some times they can be faulty. One minute they could be in the BIOS and then there gone. :) I hope any of this helps :D

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