Windows 7 won't read DVDs

Well the problem's fairly simple, my optical drive won't read DVDs on W7. CDs work fine (I tried Diablo 2 & Warcraft 3) but DVDs won't work. I tried one I burned myself, several games and a few dual-layer ones. Windows just doesn't see a disc in the drive and when I want to open the disc from my computer it simply ejects the DVD tray and asks to insert a disc.

I have a Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A ATA.

The discs themselves are fine as they work on my laptop (tried Vista & Ubuntu), CDs work fine as well and the drive worked on XP. (Can't try it now as W7 is the only OS on my main computer now.)

EDIT: Tried some more DVDs and for some weird reason my W7 install disc actually works. That one is the only one though. It won't read any other DVD I put in.

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You certain it's Windows 7 that's causing it? It's very possible your drive is going to bite the dust.
Test it elsewhere if you can, that would narrow it down.
A failing DVD drive can be very erratic in terms of which dvds it'll read. I had a drive fail in a similar way.

Well I hooked it up to another computer running Linux and it's the same thing, reads CDs and bootable DVDs fine but no other DVDs. Guess it's just a hardware malfunction so this is solved. Sort of. Thanks anyway. :)

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