Windows 7 won't recognize sim card (in reader)


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On my PC there is a card reader connected. It shows up as 4 different drives when I look at "My Computer" and elsewhere. One of the slots in the reader is for sim cards. When a sim card is inserted a Windows sound is heard and the "Installing Device Driver" window shows up and then another window stating the installation was not successful. Any further action from within windows does not solve the problem. I tried an external card reader and the same negative results. this was tried with 3 different sim cards. Any solutions out there?


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If you are talking about a SIM card, like out of a cell phone, then I can only guess that either the physical card maybe slightly different or more likely the data format is foreign to Windows.
You may very well need either a specific style or type adapter or more likely a software product that supports the data format of the card like SIM Manager
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or SIM Master
Sim Master: Electronics

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