Windows 7 won't start! (Code: 0xc0000034)

So, here's the story. One day, while I was browsing the internet, I noticed that my touchpad (yes, I'm using a laptop) won't work. I tried reinstalling the driver for the said hardware but it won't work. The pointer moves when I move my finger on the touchpad but it won't respond when I tap the touchpad or press the physical left and right buttons. That's when I decided to reformat the computer but... I cannot format it. An error, saying that something's corrupted with my installation, appears. It keeps doing that on the laptop though the disc works fine on other computers. Note that I can still access Windows 7, the OS itself. After hours of staring at the screen, I forced-shutdown the laptop due to my frustation. When I tried to start it again, it won't. It won't start. I tried doing the repair thingies that came with the installation disc but no luck. Now I can't even use Windows. Darn. Anyone here has an idea?


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From what I see the error means a Windows system files corruption. If that is the case, different things might cause such a situation. One, of course, might be a virus. Others could be memory problems, or hard drive/controller errors, CPU problems.

Anyway, your description of what you tried needs to be a little better description. Please state exactly what you tried, where you tried it from, and what type of windows you encountered. For Instance, did you use the "Repair Your Computer" option and try a Startup Repair?

I did use 'Repair Your Computer' from the Windows 7 installer and went through all the options in Startup Repair with the exception of the one with the computer image.


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So you will know, depending on what might be wrong, it may take Startup Repair 3 or 4 times to fix certain problems. But it may not be fixable.

You say you were ready to reformat the drive, but could not. You booted to the media you have and tried a new install but it would not because it could not reinstall on the same drive?

The things you say would seem to point to a failing hard drive, but hard to tell. You might want to download and burn a copy of a Ubuntu, or some other version of Linux, CD or DVD to see if your system will run without Windows. Or you might get a new hard drive and start from scratch. If you drive is usable, you should be able to format it and start over. If Windows will not do it, you can use Diskpart to clean the drive and start over.

I also see that as a possible solution, so thank you! :) But I'm afraid I will not be able to download Ubuntu because of its size. I think I'll just go ahead and take the laptop back to the Service Center. Once again, thank you for your time! :D

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