Windows 7 worth the upgrade from Vista?


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Question: Is Windows 7 worth the $150 or so to upgrade from Vista? I find the price ridiculously high. Please know this: I don’t have any problems (and never have) with Vista home premium other than being asked to update either Vista or Office on an almost daily basis. I have a feeling that won’t change with Windows 7.



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Depends on your needs. There are many sites that compare the two. Here are some:

1. Windows 7 vs Vista Performance Comparison

2. windows 7 vs vista - Google Search

I suggest the following things:
1. If something is not broken, don't try to fix it.
2. Stick to what works.
3. Follow your gut feeling.
4. Always love your fellow neighbor.
5. Eat healthy and do daily exercise.

Ok, maybe 4 and 5 don't have to do with your problem but you get my point. ;)

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From any technical, functional or user point of view - YES! Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. The financial cost is always relative of course - anything's expensive if you can't afford it (but must admit - it ain't cheap).

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