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Windows 7 Windows 7 x drivers


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Jan 16, 2009
Hi guys. I've installed Windows 7 Beta 1 (7000) about 3 days ago. In the beginning everything was fine. Windows didn't found driver for my network adapter and sound. I tryed the driver from XP and it worked fine for network adapter. Then I tryed to soundcard, and it worked fine again. Then I tryed for video card, because the driver installed by Windows 7 didn't gave me the ideal resolution (1280x800). The video driver worked fine too. I was really happy, when my nightmare began... Let's talk about the issues:

1- When I try to calculate the Windows Experience Index, the system freeze.

2- If I open my video folder, wich have thumbs of the videos, it freeze.

3- The worst one. If I install Windows Live Messenger (even through Essentials), when I open WLM the system freeze.

In all the cases nothing works (keyboard, mouse...) and I have to shut down manually. The 3rd case is the worst because WLM starts when Windows starts up, so first I have to go in Safe Mode to disable WLM in msconfig before starting again.

Well, I think that the problem is in my video driver (SiS M760GX). I tryed the Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers without success... I'm trying to get the latest version but actually I'm almost hopeless...

My PC: Acer Aspire 3004LCi - Semprom 3100+ 1.8GHz - 1.2GB RAM (128MB in video) - HD IDE 160GB.

I hope someone can help me. :frown:

I fixed it!! Well... almost that. After trying tons of drivers with no success, I tryed to change the hardware acceleration. Just disabled the Direct Draw thing and no more freezes. Right now I'm using WLM9 and it's working perfectly. I hope Microsoft fix this bug, it happens with other drivers and video cards.
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