Windows 7 x64 RC Crash - Can't Start Windows

So my computer is down, not 100% sure what it is still, but figured one of you could help me. Here’s the way it went down:
OS: Windows 7 RC 64-bit, System Specs below.

1) Computer was in “sleepâ€Â￾ mode. I hit a key to wake it up just so I could see if there were any CDs in the drives. There were none, but before I could even close them back up, I get a BSOD: “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALâ€Â￾ … 0x0000000A(,,,,) [didn’t write down the rest of the #s].

2) So I did a Reboot -> My RAID 0 Boot array all the sudden shows as degraded, so I turned the comp off, gave it a sec to stop misbehaving.

3) Cold Boot -> Disc array now shows healthy again. I opened the Nvidia RAID after POST to examine the array, and both discs look fine in the array, doesn’t look desync’d or anything. Exited this menu. Now, it proceeds thru POST fine, attempts to load from both CD drives, none there, then one line below the “Boot from CD:â€Â￾ line, there’s a permanent blinking cursor for about 5min.

4) Reboot a couple times. Same thing. I went into BIOS to check that RAID settings were still intact, and also took CDs out of Boot Sequence just in case. (All usb storage devices are unplugged by the way).

5) Reboot. No more “boot from CDâ€Â￾ line (expected), just a blinking cursor after “Verifying DMI etcetcâ€Â￾ line. Each time this happens, the HD is still spinning furiously, almost like it’s trying to find what/where to boot from. So this time I left it on for a while. Come back 1/2hr later to a blank screen, but HD still workin hard. So I left it overnight.

6) In the morning: Blank Screen still, so I rebooted again -> This time, I get the “Windows did not shut down properlyâ€Â￾ screen, giving me startup options: Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, or Normal.

7) I selected safe mode. It loaded through files, like normal, but stopped at “\disk.sysâ€Â￾. HD is still spinning, left it for 10min -> BSOD quick flash, then instant automatic reboot. I couldn’t make out the BSOD code, it was too fast.

8) Windows Startup selection screen again, so I picked “Normalâ€Â￾. The windows 7 logo comes up, and is “flowingâ€Â￾ or moving, showing that it’s not frozen. Left it for like 10min -> BSOD quick flash again, auto reboot.

That was my last attempt. All of this is over the course of 24hrs or so, had to go to work in between and such. I had no warning signs to this failure, and have never experienced anything like this with this setup.

I figure my next line of attack is to pop the Windows7 CD in and try to do a repair installation. If that doesn’t work, then I’m totally stuck and don’t really know where to go from there.

Any ideas, diagnosis, or suggestions? I would’ve tried to assess the dump file, but I can’t get into windows to access it.

System Specs:
OS: Windows7 RC 64-bit
Processor:Intel C2Q Q6600 G0 2.4GHz
Motherboard:eVGA 680i SLI 122-CK-NF68-A1
Cooling:Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme (Push+Pull: Silverstone 120mm), (2) Thermalright HR-09 IFX/SLI NB&SB
Memory:4GB Crucial Ballistix 1066MHz
Video Card:eVGA 8800GTX 768MB
Harddisk:(2) WD Raptor 150GB SATA BOOT[RAID 0], (4) Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA [RAID 0+1]
CD/DVD Drive:(2) Lite-On 20X DVD±RW IDE
CRT/LCD Model:Acer 20" - AL2017, Acer 22"W - AL2216WBD
Case:Thermaltake Armor w/ 25cm Fan & Extra Front iCage
Sound Card:OnBoard PSU:Silverstone 1000W - ST1000


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You could try the repair option (boot from disk) or press F8 when booting and hit 'last known configuration'.
It looks like files have become corrupted some how and hopefully the Repair option should provide the fix..

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