Windows 7, xp, win2k3 network issues

I am trying to access a network share at my workplace and am unable with the windows 7 machines.

With the XP machines I can hit \\x3400 and \\10.10.1.x and accessed shared folders. With Win7 I can hit \\10.10.1.x but \\x3400 gives me the ol' unspecified MS error 0x80004005.

Firewalls are not an issues as I can access the resources by IP.
I played around with the HOSTS file in windows7 but was unsuccessful.

I fished around looking for a solution on google but came up blank. Lots of discussion about orders of name resolution but no actual useful fix.

Can anyone help and/or point me to a solution?




Any firewall or antivirus (bundles) can still be the issue as the name isn't being resolved. Especially if somehow Norton was involved in any capacity.

Have you rebooted after you added this to the hosts file?

10.10.1.x x3400

(Of course, x in the i.p. address should be the real number but I'm sure you've got that.)

If that doesn't immediately work, uninstall any firewalls and/or 3rd party antivirus to test.

The reboot solved it. Thanks

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