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Mar 11, 2009
Constatly getting Messages on the desktop

1 Com+ Event
2 Cryptographic services are shutting down
computer works fine apart from these interfering messages
you must have got some spy/nag/adware or worse running.

what messages are you getting. Try and be a bit more explicit.
What programs are you running .

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Are those the precise messages you are getting, or are those items that are failing. If you are requesting help, it will help if you can be a little more detailed.
Resolved problem

Thanks Guys
the problem seems to stem from the anti virus system i am running
After a uninstall the messages no longer appear
The Actual Messages for info were
1 " Com +event system"
2 " Cryptographic services has stopped working"
More info can be gained by going to "search programms and files" Typing in Services
and double clicking on the respective message
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