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Hello. I did a clean instal of Windows 7 using an upgrade CD. I was using XP Home SP3 . I now find that my C drive has a 9Mb unalloctated partition. Properties show, in the volume tab that this partition style reads "Master Boot Record".
Is this normal , would you expect this to be there.?
Everything is working fine, so it is not really a problem, I just want to know if it should be there or how it got there. Thanks. J

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Usually partition tools use 1 MB to 10MB of our hard disk space to store some information regarding the partition. This amount is so small that you should neglect it and do nothing about it.

1 MB Unallocated space

Partition or Volume - Extend - Windows 7 Forums

(Though be careful not to run into real problems)

Thank you very much for your reply. As I said this is not a problem. I was curious to know why or how the partition was created. It was not there when using XP. J


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Windows 7 creates this little partition when reformatting a used or brand new HDD. If the drive is already formatted then 7 doesn't create the partition but instead creates hidden folders.

I always had this small unallocated space of 8 mb on my old pc. Right now, I have 2 SATAs in a stripe RAID which I first time divided in 4 equal partitions and formatted them when I was installing 7 beta, and so far after several reinstallations I have NO unallocated space in my disk management.

Thank you both for your explanations. J

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