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Is Win7 really better than xp?I dont like anything about it.


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Like every incarnation of Windows it does many things differently from what we've got used to. Depending on what sort of user you are you'll probably find some things changed for the better and some are worse but it's all very subjective of course. And that's just the user interface of course, underneath there are essential improvements to keep the op sys in line with changing technologies and user needs. Overall I've been very happy with Windows 7 which is what Vista should have been. Having said all of that I have all my systems (desktop, laptop and netbook) triple booting Windows7, XP and Ubuntu - horses for course but I'm using Windows 7 the vast majority of the time.


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Is Win7 really better than xp?I dont like anything about it.
At the end of the day, it really boils down to personal opinion.
But you can't be serious when you say you don't like anything about it - have you experienced problems with it?

I guess Im just used to XP.I am a senior and dont like change.


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I guess Im just used to XP.I am a senior and dont like change.
They don't come much more senior than me! And change, I'm afraid, is the name of this game which is what keeps geeks like me going:teeth:

Murph..... I'm with you!
7 was supposed to be the most stable OS ever, from MS, but the internet forums are full of complaints of lock-ups and BSOD's with Win-7.
They (MS) took things that we were familiar with and were easy to do and made them into a raging nightmare. They even screwed with Solitaire.....WHY? I had to transplant old Sol from XP to Win-7 so I could play a version of Solitaire that I'm familiar with.
Old XP efficienados are lost with Win 7.I'm an old computer tech, so I'm able to tweak, tune and beat on Win-7 to make it work and look a lot more like XP, for the users (my customers) that don't want the new look.
The "Classic Shell" program, goes a long way towards making Win-7 more like XP.
There are registry tweaks that can make Win-7 much more efficient and shutting down all the unneeded Services also aids efficiency.

My own install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64, after I've tweaked it, runs almost as good as my well tweaked and tuned Windows XP-Pro-SP3. I keep Win-7 on a separate HD from my XP install, so the two never meet. I don't rely on Win-7 for anything.... I just have it for testing and training purposes.

Good Luck!
Pat.... you're not even as old as me!

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Since we seem to have a gathering of seniors in progress, I just thought I would add my two cents, but the kid (Mitchell_A) had it right, it's personal opinion and very subjective. Just make sure to give it a fair shot use this forum and other resources to beat it up and make it do what you want it to do (within reason). We've all had our bad experiences, mostly with legacy software and hardware, I personally have an excellent HP scanner setting next to my desk that I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.00 for looks great, works great, but not with Windows 7, I have to run an XP Virtual Machine to get it to work, but none of that is Microsoft's or it's operating systems' fault. HP just decided that they wouldn't provide any updated drivers and that I should spend somemore money to purchase a new one.
I think if you give it some time you might find that it will begin to grow on you. And like Pat said technology today is all about change, adapting to that is often a giant pain in the rear but it also helps keep my brain from turning to mush.

Mr Administrator,
May I ?

I too have a very nice HP Laserjet printer that neither HP or MS provides drivers for.
In XP there are bonafide HP drivers and all's OK, but in Win-7, I have to use "Generic-----Text Only" as my driver.
Sounds terrible, but hey,,,,,,it works. There are many work-arounds for things, if you look hard enough.

Actually Win-7 is pretty intuitive in finding compatible drivers for things like old video cards, printers, modems, etc.
It found my Epson Workforce 500 printer and my ZOOM external USB phone modem and both work just fine without
me ever having to install the drivers for them. It even came up with compatible drivers for my WinFast video card.
But it's the GUI that I take exception to.

Cheers Mate!
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Tis not MS that is required to supply drivers, HP should supply the drivers. However many printer companies did not supply drivers for W7, they would prefer you buy a new compatible printer from them. Many Vista 64 drivers will work with printers on W7, I have a triple Machine, dual boot with Vista 32 and W7 64 bit with XP virtual machine when needed.

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