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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by caine frost, Jul 14, 2015.

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    Jul 14, 2015
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    I have 8.1 on my hdd and i know if i upgrade i wont loose anything (not guaranteed) but i am getting an ssd for gta v, can i install windows 10 update on my ssd from my 8.1 on my hdd and run it through the ssd? and woudl putting it on the ssd from the hdd increase the chances of losing things?
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    I would clone the hdd to the ssd while still on 8.1. Depending on how much data you have on your hdd and how big of an ssd you get you may need go re-partition the hdd in order to separate your OS and programs from your data. You will want the OS and programs partition to be smaller than the ssd you wish to use.

    You shouldn't lose anything in the process but, as always, make a backup BEFORE you start messing with your partitions, just in case.
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    OK... that's clear.
    OK.... that's not so clear. Do you intend to somehow dedicate the new SSD to just "gta v"? Or do you plan on duplicating your spinner (image or clone) over to your SSD?
    How big is it? Do you have enough capacity? Compare used space on spinner to available space on SSD.
    OK.... that's really not clear. Why would you want to introduce Windows 10 and run the risk of compromising your configuration with a pre-release OS at this stage of the game?
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    Assume Microsoft will bugger something up and make a bootable clone of your 8.1 BEFORE that happens... worse case, is you now have a backup you don't need and can sleep without stress.

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