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I want to change my Network from Public to Private. My understanding is that in Windows 8, you would go to the Charms Menu > Settings > Settings > Network > Ethernet, then click on Find my Devices. But in Windows 8.1 they removed that Slider Bar. In Windows 8.1, how do I switch my Network from Public to Private? Thank you!
You can do this easily from an elevated Powershell prompt.
  • Click Start and type Powershell
  • Right click Powershell and select 'Run as Adminstrator'
  • Run the following command, this will set all adapters to Private network
  • Get-NetConnectionProfile | % { Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name $_.Name -NetworkCategory Private}
Before I could try that, I clicked on something, I forget what, but the Windows system gave me a choice, I could turn on Network Sharing or something on my Public profile, or I could switch to a private profile, so I switched to a private profile with Network Discovery, and Network Folders allowed. I was doing something in the Windows Explorer, you know maybe I was clicking on the Network Drive menu or something like that. Odd that they would keep these options hidden. But then, many of us are hidden in many ways....