Windows 8 Windows 8 Beta Expected Soon - As Early As September 30th


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According to rumours started by a popular Windows 8 news site, Win8China, Microsoft is set to provide a public BETA build of Windows 8 to the public soon, maybe even September 30th 2011. I personally don't believe these rumors, but if MS does manage to deliver a new build soon, you may as well call it beta 2, since the current "developers preview" has been downloaded more than 1 million times in just 5 days. Microsoft claimed the Developer Preview was the first build they would be providing updates to.
This has been my guess for quite some time and here as well. It looks like they are pretty much progressing along the same time frame as happened with Windows 7, so barring any unforeseeable issues it's still looking like an October 2012 RTM. Maybe even sooner.
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Beat me to it again :) I'm interested to see if WMC will have been changed any from Vista/7. Time will tell I guess
God, and MS only knows. I would suspect a more polished interface. Perhaps many of the bugs discovered will be corrected. There have been some documented changes in the app layout in Metro. Beyond these it's most likely anyone's guess. I have not participated in any other dev programs for earlier versions of Windows, so am somewhat uncertain on what types of changes take place from Per-beta to beta.
It's amazing how our minds can read a miss-spelled word and still get the intended meaning.
You said "Per-beta" and I know you meant "Pre-Beta", but I still understood what you were saying. It's amazing!

So if we're now in Pre-Beta, does that mean we're in "Alpha" ?
I just had to re-download Win-8 from MS, again yesterday, because I guess I gave away my last DVD made from my first download. And the downloaded .ISO file seems to have evaporated. Is that what they call vaporware? lol

I still have the same 8102 version I had before. It did seem to set up a little different than my first version, but I finally got it anyway.
It didn't pick up my Epson Workforce 500 printer, and I had to load the drivers for that. Different, but no big deal.
It crashed repeatedly till I loaded the drivers for my SATA III controller card. It surprised me no end, that it even installed without the controller card drivers. Now it seems pretty stable, and FAST!
It's way faster than XP run on a SATA II, 1TB drive.

If MS just works on the Boot & Run speed and forgets about the glitz and glitter, they will have a product that will really shine in the business world. Let the G&G fanatics download what they want.
Personally, I like the simplicity of a good ol' DOS menu screen. No G&G, just right to the point.

Happy Veterans Day

The Doctor :cool:
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I posted to this thread within the last hour on my other PC,
but that post seems to be lost in space somewhere.

But I've found and fixed the Enter Key not working thingy.
I reselected "Standard Editor" rather than my first choice.
Now I know.......

The Doctor :cool:
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