Windows 8 Windows 8 boots in eight seconds

Hmmmmm! I wonder how they did that.
Very few computers can even finish a post and load the OS from the hard drive in 8 sec's.
Maybe they had the OS on ROM.

I suppose with an SSD HD and everything optimixed, and fast enough processor and fast Ram, who knows. Seems VERY optimistic, but something to shoot for.
I'm thinking a little more like 'slight of hand' since I have a very fast PC and Win-8 boots up a lot slower than that on my own PC.

SSD's seem to be all the rage right now, but I see one serious bottleneck on any mobo with SATA II ports. The SATA II controller is going to set the speed at which data can be transferred, regardless of just how fast the drive itself is.

Before I waste money on an SSD drive, I want to first have a SATA III (6GBM) motherboard and then buy a SATA III SSD drive.
SATA III is going to be SATA III, regardless of whether the drive is a standard SATA III drive or an SSD SATA III drive.

Data access speed, will be the deciding factor.

Cheers Mates!
The Doctor :cool:
I wasn't too impressed.
1. She was using an EliteBook 8640p Intel Core i7-2620M, 8GB, 160GB SSD.
2. What happened to the login screen, which, for me, requires input.
3. It seemed a little bare of some of the mandatory software which appears on the screen, when I log in.

She probably loaded it from a stored hibernate. As with Drwho, I cannot get past any of my computers essentials (Bios etc) in 8 seconds. But. It does boot up a bit faster than previous OSs.
No Logon Screen here...... NEVER! There's NO reason to have to Login to my own computer, where
I'm the only operator.
But, I do set up my computer to do some basic maintenance on boot.
From the Startup folder, I run my Cleanup batch file and I run a little script to force a new Restore Point.
On my main PC, not my W8 PC, I also run my email program to go out and get my mail.

So my boot up time is stretched just a bit. :)

How long any one PC would take to boot up is dependent on many factors, like the speed of the CPU
and hard drive and how much ram is installed; how many TSR's are loading and how many Services are
set to load on boot.

Everybody's PC is a bit different, so comparing John's PC to Gertrude's PC is almost pointless. I've
worked on customer's PC's, that took six to ten minutes to boot up, when I first got there and 30
seconds when I left. The difference? The amount of adware, spyware, trojans and just plain JUNK
on the PC.

Before this becomes a RANT, for your own entertainment, there is a script that times your re-boot
time. That's only important for tuning your own PC for the fastest boot times and should not be
used to compare your PC with someone else's PC.

The little reboot timer program can be downloaded here:
RebootTimer.vbs - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage

Happy Holidays!
The Doctor :cool:
As I said in anearlier post, I have two users, so I do require to input something. Buy, with only one user, I still get the green logon screen, which, without input, leads into the desktop. That is the one to which I was I was referring.
Yes, I get that green screen too, but the OS continues to boot up. I guess that's the new normal.
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It is probably a replacement for the old "Welcome" screen which continues to welcome the user for some seconds! Lol.
I have the log in screen because I chose the log in to my live id account during log in. I suppose I could change this and see what the effects are. I will have to explore this possibility when I have a few minutes.
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