Windows 8 Build 7867 used for demo at CES 2011

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    Windows 8 Build 7867 used for demo at CES 2011

    Microsoft was expected to give a preview about Windows 8 at CES 2011. However, they revealed some plans for next generation of Windows like support for SoC and ARM architecture. It shows that Microsoft is committed to target tablets and mobile market with Windows 8 as it was earlier revealed in leaked Windows 8 Documentation.


    There was a demonstration of the ability to support ARM architecture and Windows build 6.2.7867 was used for this. It is expected to be an early build of Windows 8. The build did not show any visual or prominent change with respect to Windows 7 although we know that Microsoft is developing new system for Windows 8 Themes. There is also a recent report about New Tile based interface in Windows 8.

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