Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Dual Boot with Windows 7


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By Paul Thurrott
As with previous Windows versions, it’s possible with Windows 8 to configure your PC with two or more operating systems, choosing between them via a boot menu of some kind. And this configuration, typically called a dual-boot or multi-boot configuration, comes with just a few gotchas to consider ahead of time.


Oh, look, a 'How to' article about the way me & countless others set up things. I've dual & triple booted for years. I find it a lot simpler & easier than the article portrays it.



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So have I. And that 350MB system partition is not needed, unless the user intends on running BitLocker. I have XP MCE, 7 Pro x64 & Win 8 CP running happily together. I have no system partition, except on my OEM install of Windows 7 x64, on a different HDD.

Paul does have some good tutorials, but that's a lot of unneeded steps to run Windows 8 as a dual boot. Simply use your favorite partitioning tool, format & label the space that's desired, then proceed with the Windows 8 install.

No big deal.


You know I've hinted @ this, sorta but, I'll not hold back longer..

Y'all know I dual boot & I'd triple, in heartbeat and I have tripled in the past. Never w/ anything 'special'/ Just as simply as this...

1. A hale OS live.
2. An empty, formatted drive (partition)… same HDD or separate.
3. Grab a .iso DVD; put in optical drive.
4. Fire up machine.
5. Hit Any Key to Boot from CD/ROM...Do it.
6. Hit Install Now
7. Blah, blah, blah
8. Select location for OS
Dum dee dum… installation completes...
Machine reboots (this time NOT hitting any key!!)
A choice screen appears w/ OS just installed @ the top, listed 1st & the original OS below.

That's it that's all you're done.

No tools, no fussing about.


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