Windows 8 CR on VHD ?

johnny quid

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Hi all,
I'm curious to know if i'll run into any issues by installing/upgrading to W-8CR on the -XP mode- VHD within W7 Ultimate ☺
The reason i ask is it i already have 4 partitions on C:\ and space on my external drives is crammed.
just looking for quick /easy way to have a peak at the latest O/S.

Regards ♦♦jq♦♦

Joe S

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I have my doubts that will work. I've got W7 Ultimate and it allows create a virtual hard disk and boot from it with out actually partitioning. I created the disk first The followed the command prompt steps here Henk's blog: Guide to install Windows 8 on a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) to attach virtual disk. Make sure you boot from the disk choose custom install and follow the steps. Right now my install is about 10 G. When you create the disk select dynamic. when you're done you can simply delete the file and remove the entry from boot. This will run on your actual hardware

johnny quid

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Thanks Joe,
That sounds ideal
Regards ♦♦jq♦♦

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