Windows 8 Windows 8 Freezes Before First Load


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Sep 16, 2011
Hi. I'm trying to install the developer preview on a seperate partition on my HP Touchsmart 610-1120a. The image works just fine in virtual box but fails when I try to install to disk. What happens is that it installs all the files, does the first restart and goes to "loading devices". It gets to about 80% and freezes. One time I got as far as entering the computer name, but then it froze. I have tried about 5 times now on a couple of difference configurations with both the 32 and 64 bit editions. I know my disc is fine because I used it successefully to do a similar install on my laptop. Any ideas?

My Only thoughts are that there is an issue with it loading some of the drivers for some of the hardware. I don't have a touchsmart computer so i cannot confirm this theory. Did you try both 64 bit versions of the operating system?

No I didn't try the second 64 bit edition, but since the 32 bit edition has the same issue I think it is pretty unlikely to help.

As Mike states, could be a video card problem. I would check to see if a graphics card driver update might help. Go directly to the graphics card manufacturer for drivers.

Does anyone have any suggestions on making this change? Is there any way of taking the customizations I have already made directly into the dual boot senario or is a complete reinstall the better choice (I suspect this is the better choice since I am fairly early on in the Win 8 DP experiment)

Acronis true image can take a snapshot of the working system and then overlay that on-top of a new hdd... the image should boot as long as the basic hardware (on the new system) is able to run on the old drivers or the basic windows no-frills drivers then you go to the internet/ wsus and download whatever new drivers/ software is needed.

A clean install is still considered the best of options in most senarios.

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