Windows 8 leak sites closed down


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There have been a large amount of leaks in the last couple of weeks of screenshots from an early build of Windows 8, notable from websites such as These leaks have shown us features such as the log-in with your Live ID, the ribbon in Explorer and some of the metro interface features that are being trialled.

These leaks all appear to have come from an early beta that was made available by Microsoft through the connect website. This was a very limited beta, I for instance am a Microsoft beta-tester and a Windows MVP and I’ll probably not see it before the official beta begins at the end of this year or the beginning of next, tough I am meeting with Microsoft in two weeks and will have a chat with them about it.

Now though, NeoWin has reported that several of these leaks websites, including WinReview have suddenly closed down. The only message form this particular website was a message on Twitter that said “ is not exists anymore because it pointless project for me now. not affiliated with MS requests”

Windows Head Steven Sinofsky has taken a tough line on leaks since taking over for the Windows 7 development project and it’s entirely possible, even likely, that these websites, which includes the Russian and have closed as a result of legal threats by the Redmond giant. Indeed these last two websites stated “Violation of Exclusive Rights to Microsoft” as being the reason for their closure. ... es-closed/