Windows 7 Windows 8 Metro for Windows 7

Don't even bother!

I came across 4 apps (there are probably more, I just picked the one's on the top of the list) to make Windows 7 look and feel like Windows 8.
Of course you know, someone had to do it, just like making Windows Vista look like 7, XP look like Vista and 98SE look like XP.

These apps I'm referring to are pretty much useless, they really don't do what they claim, one has difficulty adding apps, one didn't open at all, 3 of them had very limited configuration as to what you could accomplish to actually make it work like Windows 8 CP and one in particular is difficult to remove, just short of doing a "System Restore".

The MetroUI in 3 of them did look good, but that's about it.

I'm not going to mention their names or post links to the sites, IMHO, they are not worth the trouble.

If you do run across them or search for them, that's up to you and if you do happen to try them out, trust me, you will undoubtedly end up removing them as fast as you installed them.

This is just my opinion FWIW.



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