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I have to agree with you. I will stick with windows 7.


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I've been wondering what Microsoft might do to finally convince me to adopt one of the Linux Distros. If I wanted an apple computer or one that looked and operated like an I-Phone / Ipod Touch, I would just buy it from Mr. Jobs.
I'm a PC. That has been an important distinction in the past. If they continue to blur the line how will I know what I am? I could be a Mac and not even know it.
I'll wait and see and almost certainly take a look and play with it but I still remember Bob and Millennium Edition and Vista (pre service pack 1). Hopefully some of their partners (HP/Compaq, Dell, etc.,) will remind them how long they had to include an option to downgrade the OS to XP in order to sell their computers to business buyers.
Fancy is cool and I'm all for a certain amount of "WOW factor" but I'm also a little tired of having to upgrade my hardware to support their OSs. They must know, that for the most part, the first thing that serious power users do after briefly admiring the splendid new look and feel, is turn off most of the whistles and bells in order to actually get some serious work done so their production apps can reclaim some of the system resources from the OS.
So I guess we'll see.

I, personally, didnt like windows 2000 or vista, I used xp and then jumped directly to seven. By what i've seen so far windows 8 wont be so life changing, I am planning to stick with seven for a long time...

I think windows 8 will be a little bit bad because of all the application so i will stick with windows 7!!


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I've been wondering what Microsoft might do to finally convince me to adopt one of the Linux Distros. If I wanted an apple computer or one that looked and operated like an I-Phone / Ipod Touch, I would just buy it from Mr. Jobs.
The new NUI being introduced in Windows 8 is called "metro", it's the same design present in the Windows Phone 7 platform and soon to be the new Xbox 360 dashboard. It's far from anything that looks like an iPod/Mac and you'll come to like it (if you choose to use it, it's only enabled by default on tablets).


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Windows OS seems to have that weird Star Trek movie curse... where one movie (in this case Windows OS) would do good, the following bad, the next good, etc.

Windows 8, IMO seems bad from a desktop viewpoint... especially since majority of the current consumers just use regular or flat monitors with no touch capability.

I doubt (though, I could be wrong since consumers are willing to purchase expensive Droid/Windows - phone/tablets) that the average consumer would willing to pay for a touch screen monitor to swipe between applications in 8.

Will gladly alt-tab or mouse over to the task bar to switch between programs that I have minimized.

Now that you heard (this case 'read'), what I thought... time to bring this in a positive light.

IMO, this might be quite a helpful for individuals with disabilities. Especially if marketed to the tablet market, the all in one Monitor/PC system, or reasonably sized touch screen monitors for desktops/laptops.

The link gives this, Article not found or expired on Yahoo! News

Anyway, aside from that, a brief comment...

Windows 7 is terrific! ...agreedThat said, there are or will be some cool specs & features to Windows 8 & IE10 ... no question about that!
Is it necessary to move from 7 to 8?... doubtful.
Is one obliged to use the Metro/tile screen/desktop? ... NO
*Would I, personally, like there not to be more & more of the Windows vs other stuff rhetoric? ...absolutely!
Is Windows 8 built for the 'future'? absolutely. Cross-device compatibility more & more (new) devices & screens will, indeed be Touch. Is it forcing such new gear on people? ... NO!
(A myth) Is it necessary (read, forced) to "upgrade" hardware for Windows 8? ... absolutely not! Even though machines are now being sold w/ huge HDDs, heaps of RAM & launch-the-space-shuttle CPUs ... 8 has/will have very meager sys requirements.

Do humans have a hard time w/ (read, accepting) change & progression? ... YUP!
Do humans (in the IT world) make assumptions, buy into negative hype, jump to conclusions, tend to make premature judgements & often w/out giving something a chance or trying it out 1st hand for a while & (let's not forget) bash new OSs that (now) come every 3 years from MS just cus it's hip to jump on that bandwagon (see *).

I find this whole scenario repeated over & over w/ each OS that comes down the road. Yet, in time, prior OSs faded away & ppl use something 'new', get to know it, get used to it (never want to see another chage, god forbid) & maybe grow to like, enjoy & appreciate the 'new' OS. Technology does not evolve just to irritate ppl. There's massive R&D & effort to satisfy needs & demands going forward. Computing is not what is was nor what it will be. 2025 is coming & new or changing IT will, also, keep coming, like it or not BUT, some folks may (or can) actually find some of it cool to have & use or will go w/ the flow AND some won't even know what had been in the past.


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