Windows 8 question????????????

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Installation' started by jamesharry, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Windows 8 question????????????
    i have a question about windows 8.

    i purchased a used laptop with a windows 8 consumer preview( i guess trial version) and was told i needed to upgrade to windows 8 or downgrade to 7..

    1. can i system recover back to the way to was released and get back windows 7?.

    i have a laptop with windows 8 already on it and a product key, but the laptop hard drive was destroyed and would cost more to fix than buying another.

    2. can i use that product key to purchase windows 8 since i already purchased it when i bought it or will i need a new product key?..

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    Your First.
    What you could do, is download a copy of Windows 7 (Your version - chk that carefully!) The page link below will guide you through to the digital river downloads. THIS IS 100% legal! You will, of course, need your OEM key, which should be on the bottom of the laptop.

    Second query. If you can, in any way, read the destroyed HD, you could use a third part key finder and use that, but your post the keysuggests you have that?. If it is an evaluation version of windows 8, or 8.1, then you are wasting your time. If it was indeed , a full version and legit, and the key doesn't work, you can use the phone method to activate after install.

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