Windows 8 Screenshots Leak !


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The next generation of Windows is upon us. Screenshots of the Windows 8 UI have been leaked by Win7China and offer our first glimpse of the Win 8 Milestone builds. From what we can tell, Windows Live runs deep with integration straight into the Windows shell.
Before we jump in, it should be noted the following screenshots have been indipendently confirmed — they were taken from an early Milestone 2 build of Windows 8 . Traditionally Microsoft unveils new technologies at the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital Conference. This is where the company first demoed Surface and Windows 7 multitouch.
Also on the agenda are Windows 8 ARM based tablets. Based on Dell’s leaked tablet roadmap, the first wave of Windows 8 tablets should become commercially available in early 2012. A demo this summer at All Things D would fall in line with those estimates. As we mentioned earlier this week,Computex conference , also in June, could also be the landing point.

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