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    Have you ever heard of the OS-Tans? If you want to know everything  you can read the KNM article here: OS-tan | Know Your Meme (more detailed than the Wiki article)

    In short, they are a moe anthropomorphism interpretation (hope I wrote that right) of the different operating systems like Windows 7, XP, Linux, and sometimes even websites like Wikipedia and Google. Their personality and physical traits are based on the OS each character is based on. The best example of this is... their breasts and apetite. Their cup size and apetite is based on the ammount of memory and RAM the OS takes to operate (XP having the largest and 95 the smallest). It's important to note that Vista does not have a univeraslly accepted desing as it never had the time to really implement itself in Japan. W7-tan, Nanami Madobe, is probably the most popular of them and also the first to recieve official support from Microsoft itself. Interesting fact: her name was probably derived from the number seven in japanese (nana 七) and the Adobe line of products and the name of the voice actress, Nana Mizuki.

    Now, this brings us to Windows 8. Being pretty far from the relase date of 2013, I don't think artists really started to work on the next character, thus giving us an advantage</span>. I would actualy like it if, for once, a non-japanese desing would be accepted. Now, it still wouldn't be American since I'm actualy Canadian, but, since I'm still on the continent of America, by SOME definition, I am american. I'd like to push for my desing to be accepted (shameless self-promotion, booo, I know). Now, here's what she looks like: (see attached picture)

    Her name is Hachini Hawa (は和八二 Hawa Hachini) derived from Hachi (eight) and the Java programming language. I also photoshopped the little Start button on her vest. She's based on we know on the system: light on memory (small breasts) and the themes are mostly darker than W7 and sometimes light colors. And because I completely and absolutely svck at drawing I made a 3D model instead (and you don't really want to know with what I did it). I'd really like to know what you guys think about it and if you actualy think you can make something better, go ahead. And if you can, spread the word, it might help. If you are brave enough to go on 4chan, go on, it might be worth something for once. :D

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    This is one of the more creative posts I have seen in a long time. Very nice work. I have an appreciation for animation and drawings and think this is cool. As for 4chan, I'll take a pass :)
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    Hey here's my concept too ^^

    Its WINDOWS 8 Concept With BG.
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    Hey, another Canadian! Had to create this account and post here after I saw your post.
    You made a 3D model? I recognize that "modelling" software from the gridlines alone. You mean you used 3D Custom Girl. Yeah, I know exactly what you did with it.
    Good job anyways lol

    But the official Microsoft Windows 8 mascots were unveiled recently! Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai.
    I know this thread is old but as a follow up, I decided to post here. Check it out:
    Microsoft Windows 8's 2 New Japanese Moe Mascots Revealed - Interest - Anime News Network

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